Hello again! My name is Mike and this is my second year in La Salle y San Rafael. This year, apart from being a language assistant in the school, I will also be continuing my Cambridge courses in teaching language. I am so happy to be in La Salle and San Rafael for another year and look forward to working with the students and professors once again.

Hello! My name is Helen and I am from Vancouver, Canada.This will be my third year working as a language assistant in Madrid, and this year, I will be working at La Salle San Rafael with the Infantil and ESO students. I studied Sociology and Geography in my first degree and later, Secondary Social Studies Education in my second degree. Currently, I am enrolled in the program at the Universidad Pontificia Comillas in conjunction with the BEDA Program. I believe that being exposed to different cultures and languages is essential in the lifelong learning experience. I am looking forward to having a wonderful year with great students and staff at La Salle San Rafael!