One warm night, Scheherazade, the vizier’s daughter, begins to narrate for the great Sultan, one of the most intense stories from the legendary book A Thousand and One Nights. Hand in hand with this ingenious storyteller, the Sultan learns of Sinbad, a simple sailor, who, over seven unforgettable sea journeys, has encounters with all kinds of mythological beings. Sinbad the Sailor is a brave and risky guy whose tenacity allows him to get what he most craves: a better future for himself and his family.
But Sinbad must learn to be gentle, kind and modest. The adventures of this amazing marine introduce us to a world where reality and fiction mingle, and where the narrative captivates us, just as it did with the great Sultan. To help her tell the story, the beautiful Scheherezade makes use of all kinds of costumes and props, as well as songs which allow her to add a magic twist to the story.

El viernes, 20 de febrero los alumnos de 4º, 5º y 6º de primaria disfrutaron de una sesión teatral. En esta ocasión asistieron a la representación de SIMBAD. La puesta en escena la realizó “Forum Theatre&education”, en  el centro cultural Antonio Machado.